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Thank you for selecting Emory Healthcare as your choice for your healthcare needs. Please complete the following form and click the 'Complete Entry' button at the bottom of the page. In order to process this request, you will be required to verify that the information provided is complete and accurate. A confirmation of receipt will appear once the form has been submitted.
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I understand the estimate provided is not a guarantee of coverage and that, depending on my individual case, I may be held liable for other charges that are medically necessary as a part of my care or are not directly related to the services requested in this form.

Unless otherwise noted, we will follow up with you via phone call to provide your estimate. If you prefer, we are glad to communicate your estimate via email. Please keep in mind that the information transmitted to you in the estimate is protected health information and is covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Emory Healthcare is not able to protect information sent via email and will not be held liable for any information transmitted via email. All information provided is at risk for being read by a third party, such as your email service provider (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).

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